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1 hour walk                                 £12


Additional dogs                         £  5  


                                            2nd £  3


All breeds welcome

      big or small

group walks

Solo walks depend on times

Your dog(s) can be picked up from your home and given exercise either onlead or off lead depending on how you do it or feel happy with for walking your dog. The places in which your dog is exercised will be varied on each walk, we can use various parks and fields, your dog will sure be having fun in no time.


You therefore won’t have to worry about your dog being on their own for long periods of time without any company. It doesn’t matter whether you want me to come to your house once or twice a day, I will do my best to help.


If you would like this service after a call or message to see weather or not I can assist you, we can arrange on  a time to meet to introduce myself to you and your dog(s). This is so I can get a better understanding about your Dog(s) and you can get to know me. This consultation is free of charge.

Dog walking