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If you are away for long periods of the day or you are going away for a period of time and you don’t want to put your cat or dog into a cattery or kennel, I can help you here at Loyal Paws with the visiting and sitting service I provide in the sutton and throughout the local area.


If your one of the many pet owners out there that worries where to send your Dog, cat or small pets off to while you go on your holidays then this could be the best option for you and your pets. Whether its a long holiday or unscheduled work commitment you can be left quilt free your pets are at home with all the care and affection they could want.


We can discuss what is right for you and your pets whether it be just a visit to feed your cat, clean and feed your small pets or a full pet stay for your dog.


I will be able to come to your home and spend time with your pet(s), give them lots of fuss and attention, check the litter tray etc.. and feed them if required. You therefore won’t have to worry about your pet being on their own for long periods of time without any company. It doesn’t matter whether you want me to come to your house once or twice a day, I should be able to help.  


Visit for cats and small pets

Include feeding, water refresh, litter cleaning,

attention and communication.

                                                30 minutes   £10


2 visits a day                     30 minutes     £15

Pet sitting/staying overnight

Including cats and small pets

                                                   per day  £25.00

1 walk included  

Pet sitting / Visit

If you would like to know more after a call or message to see weather or not I can assist you, we can arrange on

a time to meet to introduce myself to you and your pets.  This is so I can get a better understanding about your pets and you can get to know me. This consultation is free of charge.